Tayrona Monkey Foundation

Our nonprofit's purpose is to provide tourism experiences in a more human way while protecting and conserving the environment.

Granate, Santa Marta, Colombia

Environmental Conservation

We only have one planet so it’s crucial that we protect and sustain it. Our goal is to make a rippling-like effect of change by educating locals on the hazards of pollution by organizing and hosting trips to clean up debris from the ocean and shorelines. On these trips we teach volunteers how to snorkel so that we can collect trash directly from the water giving them the opportunity to connect with the ocean in a meaningful way. On any given excursion we collect about 50 kilos of trash with 80% of that being styrofoam and single-use plastics.

Educate & Empower Locals

We know that change must start locally in our homes and communities. This is why we​´re passionate about education and empowering locals by taking them on their first boating experience and ocean cleanup sailing excursions. Surprisingly many locals have never been on a boat before. As sailors, we have a responsibility to take members of our community out to sea so they can experience the beauty of their homeland from an oceanic perspective. Most importantly, we teach them about confidence-building, team work, sailing basics and safety tips, and the use of renewable energies, like wind and solar.


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